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Thanks to social media sites like Facebook it’s very difficult to miss important dates like Mother’s Day.   For the last few days my Facebook feed has been overwhelmingly emotional with sentimental posts and photos about motherhood.   Even without the crutch of the internet I wouldn’t be able to escape the wonderful feelings and sorrow that surround this day.   Madchen has been directly involved for the eighth year in a row photographing our Mother’s Day sessions.    We photographed 35 amazing mothers this year with amazing children and sometimes even  got to meet their amazing grandmothers.    I want to thank each and everyone of my clients who came out to celebrate this generational rite of passage that we call motherhood.   It’s important to know that even when we don’t feel in the appropriate shape emotionally  or physically to get our portraits done, to our children we are still one of the most beautiful people they know.    Time goes by quickly and these moments you can’t get back, but you can relive the memory much easier when you see it on your wall.   There are also those of us who are less fortunate and the current  portraits that they have with their mother will be the last ones.

I am one of the ones that do not have a professional portrait of just my mother and I.

I was very blessed this year to have my mother help me prepare and photograph most of the Mother’s Day sessions this year.    Daily she would ask when she could help next.   I never ever had to ask her….she knew that her help would be appreciated and I loved sharing every moment of what I do with her.   This experience this year, working side by side, capturing forever this special bond, has made us both realize that we need to get this portrait done.   I was able to get family portraits of us all a few years ago, but we both know that’s not enough.    I want a photo of just her and I, and I need to get a photo of her and each of her grandchildren.

I needed my mom when I was little.   I needed her when I was a horrible teenager.   I needed her when my babies were little and I needed sleep and advice.   And…I need her now, but the funny thing is…she knows where she is needed more than I do.

My husband no longer has this luxury as he lost his mom in December.   My heart weeps for him and I know that I am still very lucky to be able to have the opportunity for more photos with mine.   The photos that we have of his mother and her children and grandchildren grow more precious every day.

I have many clients as well who wear two hats on Mother’s Day.   Clients who while celebrating with their children and still honouring and remembering the mother who is now gone but who made them who they are today.   I salute your courage and your path.  You know more than most just how irreplaceable your job as mom really is.

And please remember….Even when your house is a mess, dishes in the sink, your teenager thinks you are terrible, you smell like spit up and can’t remember when you have had more than 6 hours sleep…that you are LOVED…unconditionally.


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wmcarolwithheadphones-2PINIMAGESo it’s happened.   Caroline has let me know that she has a loose tooth.   I know, you’re probably thinking what’s the big deal.   This is a huge deal for any momma!   Especially when it happens to your last baby!   I remember the day that I blogged about my drooly chubby baby cutting her first one.   You can see the announcement HERE.  I was so excited.  The photo above is from this post.

There are a few sad details that come to mind when this happens.    The child that you have carried, fed, cuddled, loved, kissed and bathed, is very soon going to start looking like a “big kid”.   There is something that happens when your child’s adult teeth start to grow in. They really start to look like the big kid  and adult they will become.   Soon, long gone will be the face of your child from the first six years of their life.   That face will only exist in video, photos and your memories.

I am overwhelmed with emotion as I sit back and think about all the times those beautiful little teeth caught my eye.   Her gigantic laughter when she throws her head back and laughs.   Her tight together jittery smile when those teeth would chatter from the cold winters.  Her sweet smile as she said goodbye to me on her first day of school.

On a positive note, I am looking forward to  to see what my big girl is going to look like!   This is going to be the new face of my big girl, all the way into her adulthood.   The face that will carry on in my future grandchildren (hopefully).

Screenshot 2015-04-14 20.59.03PINIMAGE

Caroline at three. Look at that gorgeous smile!

The only thing I can do now that I know that these teeth, I celebrated on each of their arrival, are on their way out, is take as many photographs as I can, and try to make her smile as much as possible.   Pretty soon they will only exist in photographs and my memory.

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April 2015 Madchen Newsletter

Big news in small emails:)

Our 2015 Easter mini sessions were a ton of fun this year!   The weather challenged us a bit and we ended rescheduling our outdoor sets twice before photographing our beautiful clients on two of the most gorgeous spring days.  Madchen would like to thank everyone for coming and making our Easter extra special!


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Spring Cleaning?

This is the time of year where we start to feel energetic by the upcoming warm season.   It’s the time of year for renewal!   Some of us take part in deep spring cleaning or decluttering.
 Deep cleaning? Our tip for April! Fight old with tea tree oily combining 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil with 1 cup of water and spritz anything you find moldy.   Wipe away the old with a bristled brush or steel wool.   Don’t forget to wear gloves and a mask
Decluttering Consider our creative clutter event!   We will gift you a mini session when you gift us something we are looking for! See photos below for the deets!

Also as a Mother’s Day celebration gift to our newsletter subscribers we will be offering 3 for the price of 2 on all of prints until May 1st!

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions

in studio April 20 – 24

outdoors April 27- May 1

This is our 8th annual Mother’s Day mini sessions and we are very proud to be able to carry on this tradition!Mothers give so much, every day, to help their children become happy adults. One day a year doesn’t seem sufficient to celebrate all our mothers do for us. To honor all the moms in the Madchen Studios family we’re once again offering very special Mother’s Day sessions.

Too often moms are the ones behind the camera. At the end of an event like your child’s birthday party there are a ton of photos, but not many of just mom and her children!  That’s why Madchen Studios loves to do these special sessions. These special sessions are included in the Holiday Mini  Session membership. As an added bonus these sessions are also complimentary to anyone who has purchased or completed any of our memberships with Madchen.
The Mother’s day sessions are also open to the public for the special price of $75.00  On the day of the sessions you and your children will be photographed interacting with each other just the way you do every day. You’ll come away from these sessions with beautiful, candid images from which to choose and cherished memories. These sessions are complimentary to all  membership clients

to book please email us at or send a message thru our new contact form on facebook, as times are on a first come first served basis.

April’s photography tip!

Get out there and photograph your kids this Easter!  Capture their delight as they are searching for eggs, their little small hands on their Easter basket.  Get down to their level as they search for their treats.   By getting down to their level you will easily be able to capture the delight in their faces.   Capture them in their little Easter outfits.   There is no time like the present to start preserving their wonder and your memories!!
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I like pretty much every mommy I know struggle.   I struggle with too many unhealthy snacks, coffees (more so lattes), and evening glasses of wine….which in turn makes me struggle with fitting into my favourite jeans and tops.   For years I have been a serial off and on again runner.   This is one of my favourite perks of being self employed.  I have the ability to sneak in spring runs without having to ask an employer.   Many of my loyal clients know this as they have called my cell which I have answered between heaving breaths as I go about my day in the sunshine (that is when we have it)

I am also a data junkie. When I run I love to read the stats, how far, how slow or fast and approximately how many calories I was burning.   I loved to see my progress or realistically sometimes the lack of progress as I tried new training rituals.   This meant, back in 2008 I would take my Fitbit classic, my Garmin, my polar heart rate monitor and my phone (only for music) out with me when I would run.   I needed that Garmin as it was the only GPS, the fitbit because it was my only step counter and my heart rate monitor so that I could adjust the approximate calories that fitbit said I earned to match the calories that I burned according to my heart rate monitor.  I always used what the heart rate monitor said because it was usually higher and the fitbit didn’t know how hard I was working.

So over the years I have owned the Fitbit classic, the Fitbit one, the Fitbit Flex (which was amazing!!) and now just recently have purchased the Fitbit Surge.

I know have one device!   I can throw on a sports bra, lace up and go!   It’s crazy!  Fitbit Surge Hr tracks my 24hr activities, my heart rate, my distance, my gps locations and distance   when I run and walk, my 24hr calorie burn, the amount of floors Ive climbed and the quality of sleep that I’m getting.   All of that Data syncs to the fitbit app and I can see and compare previous data any time of day.   It even grabs my resting heart rate which can be tricky using a regular heart rate monitor.

It’s become part of me and my lifestyle and I don’t think I could run without now!  Have any questions feel free to ask me!  IMG_5242PINIMAGE

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It’s an exciting Wednesday as we reveal two pieces of news!


2015 Easter Mini Sessions- march 12-13 (in studio) and March 20-21 (outdoors weather permitting)

Once again Madchen Studios is offering “Easter Mini Sessions. When considering your clothing choices think Spring! Little white dress, your child’s Easter dress, bright colors, Polo’s and linens will all work well. . These sessions are for one child (additional children can be added for an additional $25) either together or separate.These sessions are be included in the  Madchen Studios Holiday. The sitting fee is waived for those mentioned membership clients and all  their images can be purchased at a discounted membership rate.

The Easter Mini Sessions are $75
and include the following;

*A mini sitting,
*Online viewing and proofing gallery
*5 digital files
*10% off A la Carte Items.
Call the studio @403 526-5886 to book your Easter Session.


Secondly, we have added a new membership to our collections.   The Limited Edition Membership.   Over the past few years we have added a special session that will freeze time for you and your child in a timeless hand painted portrait.     The first of the limited edition portraits were introduced in 2010, Ballet Beauties and Hockey Heritage and have only been offered three more times since.    This is your chance to make sure that you can capture the magic this year instead of waiting for us to put on these special sessions.   In 2013 we added the Winter Wonderland, and in 2014 we added the Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Fireflies  and the Snow Angels.  Now is your chance to save over $100.00 when you choose to get four of these lovely sessions.   Limited Edition Membership Marketing BoardPINIMAGE

Limited Edition Membership

Choose  four from your favourite Madchen Studios limited edition sessions
Hockey Heritage (End of Feb – March)
Ballet Beauties  (March – April)
Land of Nod (April)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (June)
Fireflies  ( August)
Snow Angels (November)
one that we create  (Any time)
Includes 6 large files from each session and one 11×14 print from each session
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