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Circles – You can find them everywhere.  There is circuler motion in the dawn and twilight of everyday.   Every year the seasons and months pass by us, very much the same as they were the year before.     These circles are evident in the cycle of life and death.    Recently I have found the studio, the blog  and my personal self to come full circle.

WiseGeek describes “to come full circle

The phrase “to come full circle” is an idiom that refers to something — whether a person, place or thing — ending up in the same place it started. It most commonly refers to people. As an idiomatic expression, which is a figure of speech, it must be interpreted because it does not literally mean what it says. In this instance, “full circle” refers to the fact that a circle ends in the same place that it starts, because drawing or otherwise creating a circle requires a full revolution, which puts one back where the circle began. This can be transferred to the fact that people sometimes begin where they started in terms of attitude, beliefs or career.

Madchen Media Inc has become the “parent” to Madchen Studios.   In February of this year we  Madchen Studios became part of Madchen Media.   We issued a release on Facbook explaining how great this was. You can view the post HERE


We here at Madchen are discovering a world of possibilities.   This year we are going to bring to you exceptional photos, customer service and some amazing options for your specific needs.  Please look forward to some new photos and new stories.

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