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At the beginning of February we put out a model call.   You can see the details HERE.  The response that the studio received was awesome!    We are currently still looking for one more model.   Please call our message us to inquire if you are interested in participating!

This dashing and handsome little man came to visit me in the studio this week.   He’s one of those newborns that has this calm and relaxed alertness to him.   Our plan thatday was to do some wrapping with mom and her new little one, however handsome had a different plan.    Seeing that he was well awake we decided to see if we could coerce him to sleep by swaddling him and rocking in the warm bean bag.   It worked for about a whole 15 minutes.   We must have warn him out!   The newborn is always the boss in our studio so we settled on some photos with mom and his older brother using our new color pallet for our 2015 newborns.   Together we were able to come up with some beautiful images.




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Circles – You can find them everywhere.  There is circuler motion in the dawn and twilight of everyday.   Every year the seasons and months pass by us, very much the same as they were the year before.     These circles are evident in the cycle of life and death.    Recently I have found the studio, the blog  and my personal self to come full circle.

WiseGeek describes “to come full circle

The phrase “to come full circle” is an idiom that refers to something — whether a person, place or thing — ending up in the same place it started. It most commonly refers to people. As an idiomatic expression, which is a figure of speech, it must be interpreted because it does not literally mean what it says. In this instance, “full circle” refers to the fact that a circle ends in the same place that it starts, because drawing or otherwise creating a circle requires a full revolution, which puts one back where the circle began. This can be transferred to the fact that people sometimes begin where they started in terms of attitude, beliefs or career.

Madchen Media Inc has become the “parent” to Madchen Studios.   In February of this year we  Madchen Studios became part of Madchen Media.   We issued a release on Facbook explaining how great this was. You can view the post HERE


We here at Madchen are discovering a world of possibilities.   This year we are going to bring to you exceptional photos, customer service and some amazing options for your specific needs.  Please look forward to some new photos and new stories.

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quick…if you are looking for a current contest click HERE

Ahh…. Pinterest.   We have a very love you or leave you type of relationship.    Pinterest is a social visual idea sharing website.   It is an amazing global site where ideas, tips, quotes, photos and great products are shared by normal everyday people.    I jumped into Pinterest a little late in the game.  The nice thing about that was I had facebook friends on the site already so I didn’t have to delve too deep to find people I could follow.  I know that many people can easily spend a morning drinking tea of coffee browsing, sipping, relaxing while being inspired to fix up, decorate, or run to the super market to try out a new cool recipe that someone has “pinned”.

I have to admit, when I first joined, I absolutely hated it.    I am one of those disorganized mommies with really good intentions.   Soon I filled up my “board” with all of these cool craft ideas I was going to do with my kids.   Well, sometimes passed and I ended up just feeling terrible and frustrated that we only tried one or two things and they turned out terrible!   Soon after that I came across Pintrosity.   This site was so much fun.   It’s a blog where people have submitted, usually with photos, their own pinterest failings.    I felt at peace knowing that there were others like me who fingers were not Martha Stewarts.;)

Seriously though, Pinterest has some amazing visuals, especially if you enjoy photography, or even if your a mommy trying to get excited about the yearly family portrait.   For example, pretend for a moment that I am not a family photographer, but a mom, looking for some cool clothing colour inspiration for my yearly portrait, I do a quick search on Pinterest and voila I get THIS.  The nicer part of searching this way is that if I click in and see what boards the images I like are part of, it’s easy to find like minded people with similar style and the search becomes way more customized.   The downside is when someone finds an image of a newborn in a teacup and wants their two month old baby in a teacup as well.  That parts tough.

I can easily lay in bed  with a cup of coffee and my cats and pour through images of newborns, families and maternity portraits and gather what I can do to figure out what I want to do next and be inspired to create images that are even better.    I love to see all of the new trends that are popping up and the images that I see on the site daily make me so proud of what I do for a living.

What do you make of Pinterest?   What are your favourite sections?  What was your biggest Pinterest idea success, and failure?

Last week I got to go on location to shoot this wonderful little guy!   Isn’t he the cutest?


If you are interested in seeing more of our work please feel free to go to our MADCHEN STUDIOS WEBSITE or if you want to speak right at us or hear from us more often, please feel free to join our facebook group!

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Hello all,

We started a contest a few weeks ago to introduce our new 2013 Madchen Memberships.   Memberships with us are a great way to get fabulous and fun portraits at a great savings!   The fist part of the contest had people sending us emails with the names of some contenders of our would be memberships. You can see our post from that part of the contest HERE.   Now we are all going to vote on which lucky lady is going to win her very own 2013 Madchen Studios Holiday Membership so that she can partake in 4 of our most talked about sessions.  Valentines Day mini, Easter mini, Halloween and our Santa sessions are all included!  Here’s a sweet little image of my daughter from our recent Valentine’s Mini Session.   PINIMAGE

Contest rules :

  • I will put a number above the images, the number will correspond to each entrant.  Please note this number in your comment.
  • Voting will close on February 3rd, at midnight
  • Only one vote per IP address will be counted.
  • Your name must be provided in your comment and you must be a member of our facebook group and remain a member (at least until the winner is announced) in order to have your vote count. (ps why wouldn’t you want to see gorgeous photos everyday in your facebook feed.;)
Please note as always, because I am a photographer and not a professional contest maker, we may have to add some rules as we go, just in case we’ve missed something.

Good luck to everyone, we had some great entries, I have to say thank you  from the bottom of my heart for participating and making my job as fun as it is rewarding!












If you would like some more information on our sessions, please feel free to go to our website , send us an email at or call us at 403-526-5886 as we love to chit chat!

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  • June - #7

  • nicole - #4

  • tracy allen - #8

  • Vanessa Dooley - I’ll go with #4 as well!

  • Leah - I vote for #4!!! :)

  • Christina - I like #8 :)

  • Cherie - My vote is definitely for #4!!!

  • Tracy Elderkin - I like #4! Cool contest :)

  • Jessica - #4

  • Cheryl Heaton - I vote for #4

  • Kristie - #8

  • Dianne Weinberger - My vote is for #4

  • Amanda Hagemeister - I vote for #1

  • Melanie - I’m torn between 8 and 9. If they are in the final, and you need my vote to as a tie breaker, let me know and I can make a final decision….but it seems like #4 might have stolen the show lol.

  • Stephanie Williams - #4 :)

  • Anne - My vote is for #4

  • Derek Weinberger - I like #4

  • Carly Rath - Im voting for #4!

  • Chelsi - #4 Please!!!!

  • sherry Morgan - I hope I am in the correct spot. I would like to vote for your contest. I think the “make my wife, make my husband happy, and make my wife really Happy should win” Happy Wife happy life right?

  • Caylie - #4 All the way!!!

  • Lana(lgp) - I love number #4! :)

  • Leigh - I love #1

  • Regan Brooks - Vote #5…

  • Karin Groves - Love #4!

  • Lisa Nichols - #4!

  • April Duchscherer - I vote for number 4!!!! Lol

I absolutely love it when no only do I get  to see my see these newborns grow up,  but also become big brothers or sisters.   I have been photographing Ms. A for about three years now.   Would you believe that we have been through over 22 sessions together?   Some of my favourites of this new big sister can be found here at her 6 months session. and here at her Santa Session.    Now here she is with a little one of her own.   Pretty soon she will have someone to laugh and play with!   Introducing her little brother Mr. A.


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