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After weeks of rescheduling due to sickness and weather, we finally were able to get together and make this session happen – and I am so glad that we did.    This little man was a little shy at first, but his curious nature took him running everywhere we went.    It was an afternoon of pure delight and adventure for him especially when the motor scooters showed up.    Thank you for such an enjoyable time.   It’s has been wonderful to watch this little man grow from the cutest little newborn into this lively little boy.


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These little men were in last week.     They are a set of twins, but wow are they so different from each other.    These little boys were both super busy and super happy. – And they loved to go everywhere!    Their parents and I spent the majority of the session  happily chasing after them so that we could entertain the boys when they were still so that I could take some photos.   Each of them had their own cute little personality as well as their own cute blond hairstyle.  Thank you J and A for bringing your boys in and for all of your work during the session.


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This family has the most amazing kids.   Well, they really aren’t little kids, but they sure acted like mini adults.    Family portraits are most likely the first choice of entertainment for any kid, especially in the summer when there are the distractions of friends, sports and video games, and anything else that requires hot summer weather, but these kids did a remarkable job.   Mom has such a fun, open and spunky personality and her warmness to her family just made their photos better.    What a great afternoon to photograph them as a group in their own surroundings in their backyard.  Dad’s pride and joy besides his awesome kids is his backyard.   What a gorgeous place to take family portraits.    After finishing up we headed to the arena to commemorate his time spent there.    Thank you for such an enjoyable afternoon.  Enjoy your sneak peek!


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Back in 2009 I met and photographed an adorable couple who were starting out their journey as husband and wife.    Also on the special day I got to meet the family’s that were responsible for growth and wonderful loving personalities of the two.    On the day of the wedding I photographed that bride and the groom getting ready in front of their loved ones.   I knew immediately what amazing people they all were.    Last week I had the honor of creating a family portrait for them as they continue on their journey.   They say that it takes a village to raise a child and I first hand got to witness these strong family bonds again.  Not only are the couple well on their way toward a blissful marriage, but the grooms parents are enjoying watching “their little birds” make lives and homes for themselves.

We had a ton of fun at this session, no really, with big belly laughs and giggles.  When it came time for cuddles I couldn’t help but smile myself and I watched mom really enjoy her husbands company.    Personally I love watching my parents snuggle and admire each other and I love to see spouses that have raised their children turn into themselves and enjoy each other like they “just were married”

Thank you for the great evening, I can’t wait until we get together again for another session!


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Earlier last week we had the opportunity  to meet and photograph an amazing extended family. From the moment that I met the “planner” of the event I knew that I would love to get to know each and everyone of her family members.     It was extraordinary to photograph her parents who are  two people who are still very much in love. They were also very funny, actually the entire family was very humorous and seem to equally share a great sense of humor.  All of you were a joy to photograph and I hope to see you again soon.   Please enjoy your sneak peek.


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