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When Rachel came in to the office this morning, she couldn’t stop talking about seeing “SuckerPunch” this weekend. Since I had seen it in the theatre, I could relate. On a scale of boring to wow, this movie really delivers. Written from the perspective of a young girl who gets sent to an insane asylum, it is the story of 5 women banding together to escape both the reality of the asylum and the world they’ve been caged inside. When Holly was still with Madchen Studios, she introduced us to a system of rating the role of the female in movies – the Bechdel Test – and both Rachel and I are pleased that SuckerPunch passes with flying colours. The portrayal of women in the film is one of strength, of determination, and of imagination. If you like fantasy films, strong women, and a great soundtrack, this film is certainly a winner.

Another winner is this grad, who Rachel shot last week. Very respectful, smart as a whip, and with some fantastic values in place, this amazing and patient older sister looked stunning for her graduation session with her family.




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I met these two little cuties last week and they were real troopers.   Mom and Dad were great as well, considering that we were battling an army of very hungry and nasty Mosquitoes.  These were a crazy suicidal bunch as they had no respect for the repellant that we had doused ourselves in.    It was awesome to finally meet you after so many emails.   Enjoy your sneak Peek!

wmspampinatofamily8525editPINIMAGEwmspampinatofamily8529editPINIMAGEwmspampinatofamily8550editPINIMAGEAren’t these kids totally adorable?!


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The Otter Box is apparently a case for your iPhone. You can get it for your Blackberry too, but in this case I was introduced to them through Rachel, who managed to break her Otter Box and had to replace it this morning with a new case.

While she loved the idea of it, she said that the case itself was cumbersome and the reason it broke was because it didn’t ever fit into her car dock, so she kept having to take it off and put it back on. She feels, however, that the idea of the case is a good one. According to the website, the case is made from one piece of molded polycarbonate so that it is resistant to dings, bumps, and shocks. According to Rachel, this is true, except that with the case on her iPhone, she couldn’t fit it in anything, so she had to keep removing it, thereby dropping and smashing her pretty glass cover. Her verdict: the Otter Box is “great when it works, but they are not indestructible, and if you use a dock, it’s not a practical solution”.

Speaking of indestructible, take a peek at a little girl who didn’t like the fact that her birthday cake wasn’t, and that it ended up on her face. What a cute cake smash and 1st birthday session! Such pretty girly colours for this little one, and a smile that lit up the room. Thanks for bringing her in – her gallery will be up soon!




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Take a look at this great toddler session Rachel just shot last weekend. What a fantastic location – something different and fresh for portraits of little ones. Her outfits look stunning in the simple industrial-like setting. The red and black are a classic combination that looks great on all ages, and the flowered dress virtually pops with colour. The whole session is filled with brightness and light, and lots and lots of smiles. Enjoy this sneak peek, mom! Your gallery will be up soon.




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Over the past couple of weeks, it’s been really difficult to get a break from the weather. From tornado watches and flood warnings in southern Alberta to forest fires and devastation in northern Alberta, people all over the province are struggling with Mother Nature. Even though talking about the weather seems to be a national pastime, I have to admit to turning to the Weather Channel or listening for it on the radio, looking it up on the internet or asking others just what the heck the weather is doing right now. And it seems like the news is never good.

Since I am a Blackberry user, and Rachel is an iPhone lover, we sometimes have differences of opinion when it comes to the types of apps we use all the time. But both of us have come to realize that there’s nothing better at this moment than an accurate and detailed weather app. For Blackberry users, this is the AccuWeather for Blackberry app. If you have an iPhone, it actually comes with a weather app preloaded, though most users that Rachel knows use the Weather Network’s app instead because of its accuracy.

Seems like it’s unwise to leave your house without one of these at your fingertips these days. Even some of our clients are making the most of it – like this grad for example. After cancelling her session several times because of weather, we finally managed to grab her some sun! Her dress really lights up against the green of the grass and trees (the one blessing from all the rain), and she looks genuinely happy to finally have her outdoor session under wraps. Thanks for sharing this special time with us! Your gallery will be up shortly.




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  • mad - Thanks for the tip Steph, I have now just done that!!

  • Stephanie Williams - As an iPhone user/lover you can even create short cut to environment canada’s weather webpage. It’s what I use I find it even more accurate than the Weather Network. You can also sign up through either for text alerts whenever a weather warning or watch is out. :)