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The Madchen Studios mini-sessions are a great way to capture some classic photos of you and your little ones, and are short enough that everyone enjoys themselves! Here are some outtakes from a Father’s Day session.

Working with Toddlers: a FlipBook

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  • Holly - <3 it! Thanks for putting it together!

  • Adam - LOL! I think that slideshow is better than the final photo! Wish I could hang that in a frame!

Everytime I have closed my eyes in the past few days I see a wide array of people bathed in colours of light singing one song.  This blog post is one that just has to come up and since it’s Media Monday I thought that this would be the perfect time.   Last week I introduced my daughter to the GA U2 experience and what we witnessed together I believe will be remembered for a long time.

U2 can be a tough subject.   Usually you can find someone who is a huge U2 fan and easily find people who absolutely hate U2.    The actual experience that happens in the GA (General Admission) at the time isn’t exactly about how you may feel about U2 or Bono for that matter.   The people who you meet and share the night with in the U2 GA lines are a different and welcoming lot.

I spent the night in the line in Toronto in 2005 with my husband and my friend Stu, and we were number 50 in line.  The night was long and cold, but it was truly amazing when we got involved with the show.   Actually we had no choice, we were in the front against the rail and there was no way that you could even stop your body from bouncing and your voice from singing at the top of your lungs.    That was the Vertigo tour in 2005.


In 2009 they toured again this time called the 360 tour.   Marty and I joined our friend Stu(the same one from before) and his wife in Toronto once again.   We had great seats and were able to truly enjoy the experience without getting so involved in the way that you can’t remember.   They played one of my favourites that night, (ahem…title above).   Marty agreed to let me take Moira to the same show, but in Vancouver the following fall.  We had nose bleed seats and this time we both watched the crowd below and knew we had to get down there.

When U2 announced that they were going to Edmonton I knew – just knew I had to go.   Poor Marty who had become worn out from U2 concerts agreed to go, but pulled out due to work arrangement.     My friend and Moira’s Godfather (who is my usual u2 partner had also discovered that he and his wife would have a baby a month before the concert.  I thought oh no, what now?   Do I have to go alone?   He was very lucky that his wife  knows his love of U2 and gave him a few nights off from changing diapers and giving baby.   baths.  Marty’s ticket was given to Moira.    And so started out journey to Edmonton.

I saw U2 14 years before in the same venue, but this time was going to be great!  I had my oldest daughter and we were going to be standing against the rail when Bono and the Edge stepped out onto the stage.    We got into line on Tuesday night around 11:00 pm, and were given the numbers, 126, 127 and 128.     Of course, we were just going to check out the line, and when we got our numbers we just had to stay.   We had nothing but the clothes on our back.   Not much time passed, when one of the men in line was talking to his friend who was just visiting the line.   He lived near by and was very eager to lend us a sleeping bag and a pillow.   I thought Yay!   I will not get worst mother of the year for this night.   Moira slept most of the night and woke up with a happy mommy who had just scored some coffee from some people in the line who were sharing their extras.   We waited all day long, she really was such a trooper.   She trusted that it was going to be great and waited patiently like the rest of us.

It started to get really exciting when we got wristbanded and led into the cattle gates.  (this is Stu’s photo, the photographer didn’t take many photos!)254391_10150263253555399_619480398_9167133_5148596_nPINIMAGE

We waited in the hot sun, listening to people talk about how they were going to run in and state where they were going to stand.   The three of us had a plan and we when listened to them talk, I would look at Moira and she knew that our plan was going to work.    When they finally let us in, I realized what a “go getter” I had raised.   We talked about where we were going to stand and how we may need to run hours before, and this little girl, she just did it, she ran, and ran fast until she reached where we wanted to be.    The front man of our line at the Edmonton show recorded his run to the inner circle, we ran to the outer circle, but the journey is scary and pretty cool to watch.   You can find his run HERE.    I couldn’t believe that we had made it!

When U2 came on this time, with my girl beside me, it took on a totally different meaning.    These  were songs that for the last 15 years spoke to me and taught me how to be a better person.   Suddenly they didn’t seem to be just my songs anymore.   They were also hers.  I watched her bounce and wave her arm in Sunday Bloody Sunday, and I watched her scream out Where the Streets Have No Name  and all of the sudden this little girl beside all of the sudden seemed so grown up and I watched her connect with U2 and their music.

It was indeed one of the most magical moments that I have experienced, and like many in the last few years, it has to do with U2.   Deep down I thank the band heavily for taking me out of some rough spots and celebrating happy silly times, and strengthening bonds that I have with friends, but most of all I thank them for giving me a glimpse of the opinionated, loving and passionate woman that I will have in my daughter as she grows.

This is her photo taken with her very old very worn digital camera.  The guy beside me had been to a ton of shows so far and filmed a few songs.  Click HERE for his video of Get on your Boots, at 2:41 you can see how close the Edge came during that song.


Now they are not done touring yet.   I wonder what the possibility is of going again.   This time to enjoy the show without any major revelations!

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This darling girl visited us last week, and what a doll! She has a cute little older brother who helped in the studio when Rachel had them in, and both loved being photographed. Some amazing, ethereal photos came out of this session. It went super well, but by the time it came to an end, she was pooped from being so photogenic. Thank you Mom for sharing her with us! She is so precious. Your gallery will be up soon.




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When I picture fairy princesses, I always imagine they look something like this. Can’t you just picture some gossamer wings and a cute toadstool in this photo? This shoot was booked to celebrate this little girl’s birthday milestone. Rachel had her in several poses during the session here in the studio, and she sat diligently through all of them while the lights caught the beautiful colours of her dress for the camera. Thank you for bringing her in, Mom – she looks lovely.



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Talk about hamming it up for the cameras! These two brothers sure knew when to be playful, and when to turn on the charm. The colours Rachel used in this in-studio shoot really make the sparkling brown eyes that these brothers share stand out. And thanks to Grandma, their matching sweaters look fantastic against the dark brown set. The two brothers had a lot of fun with this session, making it their own and showing off their individual personalities. It all came through the lens and was caught on camera brilliantly. Thanks for bringing these two in to see us, Mom!




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