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Pinterest is Good and Bad for Photography Ideas as Well as a Few Other Things – Medicine Hat Portrait Photographer

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Ahh…. Pinterest.   We have a very love you or leave you type of relationship.    Pinterest is a social visual idea sharing website.   It is an amazing global site where ideas, tips, quotes, photos and great products are shared by normal everyday people.    I jumped into Pinterest a little late in the game.  The nice thing about that was I had facebook friends on the site already so I didn’t have to delve too deep to find people I could follow.  I know that many people can easily spend a morning drinking tea of coffee browsing, sipping, relaxing while being inspired to fix up, decorate, or run to the super market to try out a new cool recipe that someone has “pinned”.

I have to admit, when I first joined, I absolutely hated it.    I am one of those disorganized mommies with really good intentions.   Soon I filled up my “board” with all of these cool craft ideas I was going to do with my kids.   Well, sometimes passed and I ended up just feeling terrible and frustrated that we only tried one or two things and they turned out terrible!   Soon after that I came across Pintrosity.   This site was so much fun.   It’s a blog where people have submitted, usually with photos, their own pinterest failings.    I felt at peace knowing that there were others like me who fingers were not Martha Stewarts.;)

Seriously though, Pinterest has some amazing visuals, especially if you enjoy photography, or even if your a mommy trying to get excited about the yearly family portrait.   For example, pretend for a moment that I am not a family photographer, but a mom, looking for some cool clothing colour inspiration for my yearly portrait, I do a quick search on Pinterest and voila I get THIS.  The nicer part of searching this way is that if I click in and see what boards the images I like are part of, it’s easy to find like minded people with similar style and the search becomes way more customized.   The downside is when someone finds an image of a newborn in a teacup and wants their two month old baby in a teacup as well.  That parts tough.

I can easily lay in bed  with a cup of coffee and my cats and pour through images of newborns, families and maternity portraits and gather what I can do to figure out what I want to do next and be inspired to create images that are even better.    I love to see all of the new trends that are popping up and the images that I see on the site daily make me so proud of what I do for a living.

What do you make of Pinterest?   What are your favourite sections?  What was your biggest Pinterest idea success, and failure?

Last week I got to go on location to shoot this wonderful little guy!   Isn’t he the cutest?


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