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Tech Tuesday – Fitbit Surge HR * Medicine Hat Mommy and Portrait Photographer

I like pretty much every mommy I know struggle.   I struggle with too many unhealthy snacks, coffees (more so lattes), and evening glasses of wine….which in turn makes me struggle with fitting into my favourite jeans and tops.   For years I have been a serial off and on again runner.   This is one of my favourite perks of being self employed.  I have the ability to sneak in spring runs without having to ask an employer.   Many of my loyal clients know this as they have called my cell which I have answered between heaving breaths as I go about my day in the sunshine (that is when we have it)

I am also a data junkie. When I run I love to read the stats, how far, how slow or fast and approximately how many calories I was burning.   I loved to see my progress or realistically sometimes the lack of progress as I tried new training rituals.   This meant, back in 2008 I would take my Fitbit classic, my Garmin, my polar heart rate monitor and my phone (only for music) out with me when I would run.   I needed that Garmin as it was the only GPS, the fitbit because it was my only step counter and my heart rate monitor so that I could adjust the approximate calories that fitbit said I earned to match the calories that I burned according to my heart rate monitor.  I always used what the heart rate monitor said because it was usually higher and the fitbit didn’t know how hard I was working.

So over the years I have owned the Fitbit classic, the Fitbit one, the Fitbit Flex (which was amazing!!) and now just recently have purchased the Fitbit Surge.

I know have one device!   I can throw on a sports bra, lace up and go!   It’s crazy!  Fitbit Surge Hr tracks my 24hr activities, my heart rate, my distance, my gps locations and distance   when I run and walk, my 24hr calorie burn, the amount of floors Ive climbed and the quality of sleep that I’m getting.   All of that Data syncs to the fitbit app and I can see and compare previous data any time of day.   It even grabs my resting heart rate which can be tricky using a regular heart rate monitor.

It’s become part of me and my lifestyle and I don’t think I could run without now!  Have any questions feel free to ask me!  IMG_5242PINIMAGE

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